95 days until the exhibition

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How do I get into the exhibition centre when I arrive on the first day?

Bring your business card with you and show this to the security staff at the main entrance of the exhibition centre. You will be given a temporary pass for one entry only and you must then come to the management stand inside the exhibition hall to collect the exhibitor badges you have ordered.

When and how can I get my exhibitor badges and why do I need them?

Exhibitor badges ensure that other exhibitors, security staff and visitors know who you are and what company you are representing. These should be carried at all times during the exhibition. They are collected from the management stand on your arrival (see above).

How do I get work passes and why do I need them?

Work passes are for your stand builders and constructors during the days of set-up and dismantling. They allow your construction team to pass freely in and out of the exhibition centre. These are collected from the ITE management stand. For more information please refer to your technical manual.

What does ‘Pass-In and Pass-Out Letter’ mean?

This letter is explained in your technical manual and allows you to take in and take out any products/goods before and after the exhibition. This is essential for security reasons and is designed to prevent illegal trading at the exhibition. You must have 3 copies of the In and Out letter. Further details can be found in your technical manual.

Where is the BTG Expo office located on site?

BTG Expo will have an office within the exhibition center and this is located close to the ITE management stand. Contact information for BTG Expo and their local representatives in your country is given in your technical manual. Please read carefully.

Do I have to send my goods through BTG Expo?

No. You may use alternative freight delivers to transport the goods from your country to Ukraine, but BTG Expo are the sole agent who can handle goods on site. Even if you use another freight company to transport your goods into Ukraine, you must contact BTG Expo for advice on sending goods to the exhibition center.

Can I send my goods by DHL?

ITE take no responsibility for goods sent by DHL. We would advise you to check this with BTG Expo.

When will I receive tickets for my visitors?

Your guests can use the online registration on the website. Give your promo code for free registration. If you have any questions, contact your manager.

What is my stand number?

All stand numbers remain provisional until the last 1 months before the exhibition.

Where is the closest hotel to the exhibition centre?

See Where to stay


What is the nearest Metro station and how far is it from the travel exhibition?

Kiev's metro has a renowned reputation and it is a fast, reliable and inexpensive way to beat the traffic. The nearest metro station to the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) is Livoberezhna. Detail information

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