210 days until the exhibition

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Mobile application

Mobile application UITT – it is your ideal assistant at the exhibition! Thanks to it, you can spend your day in the most productive way among hundreds of exhibiting companies, having planned meetings and attending business programme events.

The application is available for FREE for mobile devices - smartphones and tablet computers, based on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android (Samsung, etc.).

So why is it so useful?

1. Convenient exhibition floor plan

  • By opening the section «Exhibition plan», you will see the scheme of the exposition, where all the participants with their stand numbers are marked.
  • Click on any booth - and you will learn detailed information about the corresponding exhibitor of UITT.
  • Get to the «Participants» section, you will see all exhibitors in alphabetical order with stand numbers. Select any company, you can see a brief information about it, as well as contact information - website, phone number and address.

2. Practical CONVENIENT search by countries

3. All business programme events of the exhibition

  • In the «Business programme» section all business activities of the exhibition are presented - conferences, seminars, discussions. Open the corresponding day of the exhibition, you will see the events in the schedule, and after selecting one of them you will have additional information and venue.

4. Useful advice from the Exhibition Organiser

  • We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our visitors in the special section «Questions – Answers». You do not know where to have dinner during the exhibition? How to get to the IEC? Are there any ATMs in the pavilion? Are any parking spaces? Hotels? Answers to these and other questions are available in this tab.

5. Fast track registration

  • From the «Get visitor badge» section, you will be immediately redirected to the visitor registration page to fill in the form and download the visitor badge.

6. And the most convenient – UITT visitor personal account

This is function of a real personal assistant! Simply select the company you are interesting in from the list of participants (it is placed in «Participants» section), do the same with the events, you have  planned for visiting from «Business Programme»  section - and in your «Personal Account» you will see your personal plan for visiting  of UITT!