26th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition

24 - 26 March 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 4

Unusual museums of Ukraine

We have collected for you a list of the unusual Ukrainian museums, that your tourists can visit after the quarantine is over.
Unusual museums of Ukraine
Non-standard exhibits and stories, that store these museums, will definitely leave no one indifferent.
Metro Museum, Kyiv
The museum was opened in 2000, and there are many artifacts from the history of the Kyiv underground: photos, documents, tickets of different times, models of cars and equipment.
Museum in the dark "Three past midnight", Kyiv
The only museum in Ukraine where excursions take place in absolute darkness. There are several excursions to choose from: a walk in the darkness, a quest for feelings, a date in the darkness.
Museum of Technology "Phaeton", Zaporizhzhya
The museum was opened in 2011. The collection contains more than 150 exhibits: Ukrainian, Soviet and foreign retro cars, motorcycles, military equipment and more. Some exhibits are still on the go.
Museum of Astronautics. Koroleva, Zhytomyr
The exposition of the museum is divided into two main parts: "Space" - here are samples of real space technology and equipment, the layout of "Lunakhod-2", the equipment of astronauts, there is even soil from the moon; Academician Korolev's House-Museum where the Korolovs lived.
Museum of Sound, Odesa
The collection includes samples of various sound equipment and radio equipment: gramophones, radios, microphones, vinyl records, film reels, players, as well as posters of various concerts.
Museum of Hutsul Magic, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Verkhovyna Village
Since ancient times, magic has been used in the Hutsul region. Local magicians are called molphars. The museum was created to preserve and present these folk traditions.