26th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition
24 - 26 March 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 1

Lesser-known places of Ukraine

Stone Village, Zhytomyr region
Unusual natural object, geological reserve. There are several hypotheses explaining appearance of this place. According to one of them, a mysterious cluster of stone boulders was brought by a glacier.
Lesser-known places of Ukraine
According to another version, these are traces of mountains that have long disappeared.
Basalt Columns, Rivne region

A unique place in Ukraine. It is open-cut mining where rare mineral basalt is extracted. The peculiarity of Ukrainian pillars is that they are located on the plains, although they are rocks.
Aktovsky Canyon, Mykolaiv region

Amazing natural monument. Rocks impress with their power and grandeur, and tourists compare them to the famous Grand Canyon in North America. Its depth is about 50 meters, and its area - more than 250 hectares.
Tarakanovsky Fort, Rivne region

A beautiful monument of fortification art of the XIX century. Initially, this place was intended for defense purposes. Now the fort is destroyed, but still retains its former grandeur. It will be interesting for lovers of mysticism and abandoned buildings with history.
Cave Monastery, Lviv region

The oldest cave monastery near the village of Rozgirche. One of the interesting sights of the Lviv region. The whole complex of two-tiered caves was once a place for prayers and a place of existence of local monks.