26th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition

11 - 13 May 2021 • Ukraine, Kyiv, IEC, pavilion 1

It is planned to open part of the Lutsk dungeons for tourists.

In the period of limited movement between countries, domestic tourism becomes especially relevant.

2021 has already good news: in the nearest future it is planned to open part of the Lutsk dungeons, which were discovered by archeologists in May 2020. «They (dungeons) are in size and interesting, they are well preserved. There are a lot of unexplored in these dungeons, a lot of work for archeologists.
It is planned to open part of the Lutsk dungeons for tourists.
If we unite all these dungeons, as it is technically possible now, then, of course, the interest and duration of those tours will be greater, and it will attract more tourists», Igor Polishchuk, the Mayor of Lutsk said.

This time, 120 m2 of underground passages have been cleared away. They can be connected under the Chortory tower with underground tunnels along the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Stairs have already been installed near the entrance to the dungeon, the necessary services have been laid, lighting and ventilation have been fixed.

In addition, during the excavations, archeologists found objects of the past – the remains of English pottery, unique fireplace decoration and other artifacts. A modern museum of chivalry and medieval times is planned to be built in the dungeon. Details of this idea have not yet been disclosed.

Source: Ukrinform.