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Incredible quarries of Ukraine


The nature of Ukraine is diverse and beautiful: we have a gentle sea and high mountains, clear lakes and endless fields with flowers. And one more decoration - man-made, successfully complemented by nature - flooded granite quarries.

Recently, Ukrainians have shown more and more interest to such places and are looking for non-trivial travel locations.

Incredible quarries of Ukraine
Druzhbinsk quarry of non-metallic minerals "Quartz", Zhytomyr region
The quarry is located just 200 km from Kyiv. Water in quarry is clear and has a fantastic turquoise colour. You can swim here. Forest grows around the quarry, white sand is on the shore- this is very picturesque place. Suitable for both relaxation and good photo shoots. 

Cherepashinets quarry, Vinnytsia region
It is difficult to call this quarry unknown, but the fact that it is very good place. The combination of clear blue water, rocky shores, white sand and pine forest creates an incredible impression. You can swim in the quarry. If you are going here in the summer, it is better to go on weekdays, as there are a lot of people on weekends.

Sandy quartz quarry in the village of Novoselovka, Kharkiv region
This quarry is one of the largest in Ukraine, sand has been mined here since the 30s of the 20th century. The quarry is still working, there is security on the territory, swimming is prohibited. But this place has been visiting not for swimming. Locals and tourists are attracted by the incredible sand dunes, among which very good photos come out.

Stone quarry in the Turka town, Lviv region
On the outskirts of Turka, near the border with Poland, there is a stone quarry with very good blue water. The quarry is not working now, but you cannot swim in it because of the dangerous bottom. The lake is surrounded by picturesque green hills.

Morozovsky coal mine, Kirovograd region
An unusual quarry is located 30 minutes from the town of Znamenka. Previously, brown coal was mined here, but ten years ago the enterprise went bankrupt and the quarry was gradually filled with water. In addition to incredible views, there are still several unique giant escalators left here: rotary and walking.