27th Ukraine International Travel and Tourism Exhibition
See you after the victory! • 15, Brovarskiy Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine, IEC, pavilion 1

Dedicated to our exhibitor - Mariupol city!!!

Dedicated to our exhibitor - Mariupol city!!!
Below, you can see a video of heroic city Mariupol. City that had ambitious aims to host the tourists and show them the beauty of its districts. Today the travel and tourism exhibition UITT planned to open its gates. Mariupol, the city which was awarded with the sign “Great Pryasovie Cultural Capital” in 2021, has been preparing to participate in the fair. Mariupol has prepared this video in order to show our local and international tour operators and agents the attractions they have for their tourists. Sadly today the name of the city Mariupol is associated with a blockade, total destruction of the city and with the suffering of thousands of its citizens. 
All our UITT team would like to dedicate this travel and tourism event to a stout hearted and soul captured hero city. And address to world tourism community to support our beautiful city helping to attract the sights of the world to it. 
And we remain with deep faith in our hearts that very soon we’ll rebuild together the cities and towns of our country and they would welcome all us heartily.
Everything will be Ukraine!